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Monitoring of structures, processes and events is based on principles of an IoT monitoring system. The system developed and used here is an autonomous and highly innovative system, that brings new opportunities for clients and contractors. The focus during development was on autarky, reliability and easy application of the entire IoT monitoring system. It is optimized for the monitoring of infrastructure and already used in several applications in last years.

Infrastructure assets such as bridges, abutments, columns, retaining walls and alike are usually in the field, where no fixed power source is available to power a monitoring system. Additionally, these types of infrastructure are very large in dimension, with widespread sensor positions and therefore installation of data and power cables can be a very tedious and costly work.

The sensor nodes read the data from the sensors and send the measurements wireless over the network to the platform (Cloud), where the data is stored and the visualizations can be retrieved via a web browser. The node has much more functions, which are explained later.

The autonomous, low-energy sensor nodes on site are battery-operated, can be flexible arranged and operated with a battery lifetime of up to 15 years (e.g. crack monitoring). Since no fixed power connection is required, there is no need to install long cables for electricity or the network connection. The data transmission is encrypted, automated and with the latest radio technology.


  • Structures on traffic lines (bridges (stone, concrete, steel, composite), tunnels,
  • Hydro structures (dams, water levels of surface and underground, channels, tunnels)
  • Railway structures (sleepers, track, subway systems)
  • Buildings and skyscrapers: post-earthquake monitoring
  • Sliding surfaces and subsidence analysis
  • Waste storage and compost areas safety and control
  • Water purification facilities
  • Bio-gas and other industrial facilities
  • Pre-fire conditions in forests (specially developed for railway lines)
  • Quality of living in cities (air quality, “hot islands”, light pollution)


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