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Cable tunnel main railway station Graz, Austria

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Project description

Cable tunnel main railway station GrazAs the part of the new high-speed rail line called "Koralm rail line" from Graz to Klagenfurt, one cable tunnel underneath the main railway station in Graz had to be constructed. It has the length of 1000 m, excavation diameter of 3.74 m through gravel layers with overburden in the range of 6-15 m. The tunnel has been constructed using pipe-jacking of concrete tubes method, was the biggest at the moment pipe-jacking tube in austria (Dout = 3.68 m) and was the first tunnel of austrian railways constructed using tunnel boring machine (TBM).

Services provided

  • tender and final design for the tunnel excavation and lining including pipe-jacking procedure
  • quality cotrol and quality assurance of the installed lining

Period of work

10/2003 — 10/2005